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Covid-19 Vaccine Information

What do I need to know?

The US Food and Drug Administration has approved three vaccines - Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson - for emergency use. 

Are they safe and effective? 

They have been rigorously tested to be safe for people 16 and older. The Pfizer brand and Moderna brand vaccines require 2 doses and are both about 95% effective at preventing you from getting sick. Johnson & Johnson 's vaccine - which requires only 1 shot - is about 85% effective at preventing severe illness. Read more about vaccine safety here.

Who is eligible for a vaccine?

Massachusetts is allowing all people age 65 and older, people living in low-income housing, and people with 2 or more certain health conditions and more to schedule vaccine appointments, You can check your eligibility right here on our resources page. 

Why is it important to get one?

Once you are eligible to get a vaccine, it is important that you do so as soon as possible. As more people take these vaccines, we get closer to "herd immunity" because the virus can't spread. Once herd immunity is reached, life will start to go back to normal.

Where can I sign up?

Medical professionals from all over Greater Boston trust these vaccines and so should you. 

Eligibility Checker

Appointment scheduling is available through the Massachusetts website here or by calling 211. Additionally, you can check vaccine availability in CVS stores here. Vaccines are very limited, so it may take a while to get an appointment. The State is using the Reggie Lewis Center in Dorchester as mass vaccination site. 

Where can I find more resources and help my community ?

Ending the suffering this pandemic has caused in Boston's black communities is a top priority of the Boston Black COVID-19 Coalition. Their organization is "a group of stakeholders and thought leaders from Boston who have formed a united effort to demand that decisions, policies, and actions taken and resources committed to our community of residents and businesses are effective." They are actively petitioning for vaccine distribution equality and offer many resources from Boston's black community to build each other up.

Entrepreneur Resources

Where can I start?

Spark FM started in April 2020 in the middle of the pandemic with lots of hard work, collaboration and collaboration through a Kickstarter campaign. We have compiled some of the best resources to help other entrepreneurs get their feet off the ground below!

EforAll - Entrepreneurship for All

According to their website, Entrepreneurship for All (EforAll) 's mission is "accelerating economic and social impact in communities nationwide through inclusive entrepreneurship." Operating in eight Massachusetts communities, this organization offers a business accelerator program, business pitch contests, and virtual workshops designed to empower entrepreneurs with a vision. The organization also offers physical co-working spaces Holyoke, Lowell, and Lawrence. 

Innovation Studio Programs

According to their website, Innovation Studio "envisions a world in which anyone can be an innovator" and their mission is to "democratize innovation by cultivating relationships and providing resources for anyone to successfully launch and grow a business." Operating 5 spaces in Boston, Roxbury and Providence, they gather grant and funding information and offer accelerator programs that teach entrepreneurs business essentials and provide practical, real world knowledge that entrepreneurs can use in their daily business. 

One of the workspaces at Innovation Studio's Roxbury Innovation Center

The Funding Update Newsletter

The City of Boston compiles and publishes "The Funding Update" every week. It is "a listing of funding opportunities, recent grant awards, announcements, and news from local, state, federal, and private sources." Entrepreneurs can read the newsletters from prior weeks and receive weekly updates via email by signing up at the link above under the funding tab.   

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