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Public Service Announcement #3: Beyoncé's, The Renaissance!


LADIES & GENTLEMEN, I hope this Keyboard works because Beyoncé has done it again, giving the GIRLS precisely what they have been missing from the music scene. Providing listeners a glimpse into her self-entitled "Un-American Life" (Beyoncé, 2022).

For an hour and two minutes, she hypnotizes her audience in such a playful and energetic way that she captures every aspect of what it means to be a Black Woman, a part of The Renaissance!

The Rebirth! The Liberation! The Revival! The Renaissance of the Black Woman is upon us, and Queen Bey has provided the steps for Black Women to obtain their own Renaissance no matter what others think or their expectations.

By reminding Black Women that they are "That Girl" that needs to become cozy with themselves again and are superstars outside this galaxy, Beyoncé lets Black women know they are uniquely and wonderfully made!

Telling us that we are the bar! We set the bar and are too classy to be touched!

Renaissance provides the Girls the recipe to embrace their self-confidence, reminding them one line at a time that it is not their man but them that is the MOMENT!

Beyoncé provides her audience with a motivational tale that reminds them they cannot be replicated or duplicated. But instead, they are superstars shining in their own light whenever they are outside.

Because as Beyoncé told us once before, we are outside and never allowing anyone to break our souls! But instead, we are allowing them to see our Renaissance and Rebirth because the Black Woman is back on her throne!

She further illustrates to her audience that it is time to get back in our bags! To get back to cashing our checks, getting our racks up, quitting jobs that drain our energy, falling in love, finding new passions, and being the best we can be!

But more importantly, getting back to providing that energy that only Black women can offer and ignoring the Karens who try to stop our shine.

Beyoncé eloquently illustrates for the Black Woman that it is our extraness, our energy, that no one can break because we are powerful. And, every time we re-invent ourselves, our foundations become more substantial because the Black Woman is supernatural.

Although we did not ask for this Power, it has been bestowed upon us. Therefore, Black Women, Beyoncé tells us to rise to the occasion in this new album!

This album is for every type of Black Woman, whether you identify as the "Church Girl" or the "Thotty" in Beyoncé's song "Church Girl." You're given the instructions from the Mothership of R & B, telling you to stack those coins, remain unapologetic, and elevate into the woman you already know you are!

But, even further, Queen Bey tells us that we need to speak into existence what we want and what we already know we can be despite the haters around us who are trying to stop our glow!

She informs us that we need to stop looking for things from others and start building them ourselves. And, as we talked about in the first PSA, we are the energy and the missing keys to multi-million-dollar deals, a better society, and the fruition of our Black Culture!

Therefore, Black Woman, it is time to Rise!

And, of course, it would not be Beyoncé if she didn't offer a WORD for the Black men in our lives! Reminding them on "Plastic OFF the Sofa" that she loves it when a Black man can be themselves around the person they love! She echoes the same sentiments later in the song, telling them to ignore the outside and continue to be uniquely who they are.

So, Black men, I hope you will take that message with you today! Because you deserve the Renaissance just as much as the Black Woman does. And, Black Women, I hope you will support our fellow black men in being their authentic selves because we live an "Un-American Life" where the Karens of the world often deny us our fair shares!

We must be shields for one another, protecting each of us from the dangers of those around us that don't want to see us be Black Kings and Queens!

Because our ENERGY is a TARGET! And, they don't want us to SUCCEED!

Beyoncé returns to the ladies in "Heated," reminding us that no one is like us. Providing us with a new morning affirmation, "We are one of a kind, exceptional, magical, and even when men play games, our face card never declines! Because we are the ones and not the two's".

As Beyoncé concludes the album, she provides her listeners with one final oblige to the Summer Renaissance! Highlighting designers, and not forgetting to remind you that her "Telfar is imported, and her Birkin is in storage"! (Beyoncé, 2022)

Leaving you with only four words, "I'm in my bag." (Beyoncé, 2022)

So, ladies and gentlemen, I ask you the same question, "Are you in your bag this Summer?"







Because, ladies and Gentlemen, this was only part one, and I can only imagine what instructions the Mothership will provide us in Act 2!

But, in the meantime, I bid you farewell for another two weeks!

Peace and Prosperity as always,

Jadis DeShong-Venay

P.S. If you want to discuss this album more in detail, head to IHateAdulthood's Instagram Page tonight @ 7 PM. We are going live for Independent Grown Woman Chat!


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