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Trese Comics Pdf Free Download |LINK|


Trese Comics Pdf Free Download

Get free download Trese Comics Pdf Free Download for PC devices from Uploaded. Free Pdf Download. Trese Comics (trse) First Edition Read Online. _Creeps & Lezzies: A Collection of Trese Comics. Trese Comics - Leaflet,Q: DynamoDb - is SetAttributeValue#putAll recommended way? I'm using Amazon DynamoDb for the first time and I'm doing a naive query. I want to insert a set of attributes with a particular value for each one. Is the set of attribute values and the associated value being inserted the right way to do it? What is the difference between the following two approaches? Is the second one right? Thanks List> setValueList = new ArrayList(); setValueList.add(new HashMap()); setValueList.get(0).put("att1", new AttributeValue().withN("1")); setValueList.get(0).put("att2", new AttributeValue().withN("2")); setValueList.get(0).put("att3", new AttributeValue().withN("3")); dynamodb.updateItem(new UpdateItemRequest().withTableName(TABEL).withKey(KEY).withProvisionedThroughput(new ProvisionedThroughput().withReadCapacityUnits(5).withWriteCapacityUnits(10)) .withSetAttributeValue(setValueList).withConditionOperator(ConditionOperator.EQ).withValue(new AttributeValue().withN("4"))); and Map setValueMap = new HashMap(); setValueMap.put("att1", new AttributeValue().withN("1")); setValueMap.put("att2", new AttributeValue().withN("2")); setValueMap.put("att3", new AttributeValue().withN("3")); dynamodb.updateItem(new UpdateItemRequest().withTableName(TABEL).withKey(KEY).withProvisionedThroughput(new ProvisionedThroughput().withReadCapacityUnits(5).withWriteCapacityUnits

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Trese Comics Pdf Free Download |LINK|

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