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Markup Assist:Import the markup comments you created in Microsoft Word into your AutoCAD drawings. Supercharge your markup process with notes, comments, instructions and reference objects in your drawings.Windows 10 and HiDPI Support:Make your drawings and drawings-plus look gorgeous on Windows 10, Windows 7 and Windows 8.1. The three new display modes help your drawings look more like the way you want to see them on a 21-inch 4K monitor. (video: 2:02 min.)Universal Windows Platform:Use AutoCAD in a variety of ways, whether it’s on a desktop, tablet, laptop or on a smartphone. Access files and drawings directly from your favorite apps, without needing an AutoCAD installation.Dynamically Generated Annotations:Find and annotate repetitive work as it happens, rather than waiting for your next review. New features accelerate how you work, review and share.Enhanced CAD Experience for Mac:Automatic scaling is now on by default in Mac. So when you make changes to the drawing, they appear on the screen with the correct size, proportion and scale.Automatic Imports:Create drawings from SketchUp or other AutoCAD files, without needing to open those files first. Move, rotate, offset, extrude, slide and scale as you import.Dynamically Updated Panels:Overlay dynamic information, like CAD specifications, color-coded plans and project information, on any existing drawing panel.Revised object selection:Select objects more efficiently with the new Object Selection dialog.Improved default drawing appearance:Customize your design appearance to fit the way you work best.More Dynamic Views:Transform your drawing views to match how you think about the project. Drag and drop, rotate and scale view to your desired shape.Optimized Navigation and Mouse Support:Navigate through your drawings more efficiently with a leaner interface. Display navigation information on the drawing status bar to help you find your way quickly. And you can even customize your mouse pointer to match your workspace, making it easier to pick up the right command quickly.Extendable Measurement Methods:Make measurements faster by using the properties panel, so you can customize which measurement method you use on your drawings. 2be273e24d



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