About Spark Online Radio FM

Spark FM Online is a digital radio platform that was created to empower and amplify the underserved voices of the community. Based in Boston, Ma, our station provides a local and professional platform where DJ’s, personalities, and artists have the unique opportunity to create their own messaging, mixes, and music, while engaging listeners on both the neighborhood and national levels.

More Than Just The Music

While sharing the artistry of both local and mainstream artists is at the heart of Spark FM, we are way more than just your average radio station. One of our primary goals is to intentionally invest in the community through partnerships, community service, and providing access to important information and resources. At Spark FM, our programming is reliable, relevant, and relatable.

Our 10 Point Commitment To The Community

  • Spark FM provides opportunities for more urban and upcoming talent to be heard and recognized on a professional broadcast platform. We specifically work with DJ’s and on-air-personalities who were born and raised in a city whose mainstream stations have consistently “turned down the volume” on their under-represented voices. Conversely, Spark FM recognizes and embraces the diversity that the City of Boston has to offer, and we have built this platform to equip local talent with a high level, professional, industry standard experience.

  • Spark FM also provides cost efficient advertising opportunities for local and small business owners.

  • Spark FM is “logistically local” but has a global impact as a legal, professional, small market alternative to mainstream media

  • Spark FM gives back to and engages the community by way of community events, live remote broadcasts, and community sponsorships

  • Spark FM partners with local high schools and colleges, providing training, community service, and internship opportunities for youth and young adults interested in broadcasting and/or entrepreneurship.

  • Spark FM provides mentorship opportunities to younger radio talent (on-air-personalities, DJ’s, etc..) by providing professional training and experience if they desire to pursue big market goals in the future

  • Spark FM provides quality, timely and relevant news coverage that directly relates to the people, places, and things in the urban community.

  • In the spirit of collaboration with the community, Spark FM provides both small and large scale opportunities for supporters to invest in our work.

  • Spark FM provides programming that matters on topics that are important to this community: educational, political, financial, and entertainment.

  • Our Core Values: Inclusion, Representation, Community, and opportunity.

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Danielle Johnson widely known as Ms. HotSauce has encompassed the essence of her stage name, combining her spicy zest for life, and fiery sense of humor to any stage and/or airwaves. Born in Massachusetts, HotSauce is mom of an energetic 8 year old, a radio personality, event host, podcaster, and the owner of Spark FM Online a national digital radio station empowering the voice of the urban and Caribbean community.

Danielle Johnson

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