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Come Catch the Scoop: There's A Lot Going on in These Social Media Streets!

Ladies and Gentlemen, I am back with another social media recap this week for us, as it was only fitting to talk about all that has occurred in these Podcast and Instagram streets.


From Charlamagne Tha god apologizing to Mo’nique for his donkey of the day title to Jay Z at the Grammy’s and Kandi Burruss leaving the RHOA franchise, it has been a week, and that is only the tip of the iceberg.


So, let me not delay further, and let’s start this conversation.


Starting on Sunday, February 4, 2024, Jay Z and Kandi Burruss shocked fans with their announcements.

Jay Z accepting a Lifetime Achievement award reminded the Grammy’s to put some respect on his wife’s name, calling out the constant decision to deny Beyoncé as an Album of the Year recipient.


From his statements, X (*Twitter), Instagram, and the blogs have gone back and forth, deciding if Beyoncé is worthy of such an award. Even her father, Matthew Knowles, has entered the chat, giving his two senses on why B has not been offered the award yet.


But, after 32 wins, it makes people wonder if the Grammy’s are biased toward Queen B. What are your thoughts? Does Jay Z have a point, or is there another side to the story?

In addition, Kandi Burruss let everyone know that she will not be returning to RHOA, which we all know is HUGE. Whether you enjoy her on the show or not, Kandi has brought consistency year after year, providing good television and carrying on the torch as the longest-reigning member of the RHOA franchise.


With a door left open by Andy Cohen, fans have raced to social media to offer their opinions. Some have said they are disappointed, others have wished Kandi well, but what do you say? Is this a good move? Do you think Kandi will ever return to the franchise in the future?


It would not be a recap if we did not discuss the recent rap beef between Megan Thee Stallion and Nicki Minaj.

Whether you’re on Megan’s side or Nicki’s, Megan recently celebrated her record “Hiss,” being number one on the Billboard chart.


Thanking her mom and everyone who has supported the record, Megan ran to Instagram to thank her Hotties for their support and was excited to enter into her new distribution deal with Warner Music Group!


I can only imagine what we will get from both of these ladies, and I hope the beef can be squashed soon. Until then, let me know in the comments below what are your thoughts on the recent situation. Could it have been handled differently?


While the rap girlies have been beefing, Sexxy Red has brought life into the world. Announcing recently on her Instagram that she delivered her newest edition safely, fans raced into her comments to offer her support on her new bundle of joy.


And, it wouldn’t be Sexxy Red if she didn’t do it in style, as she had her hairdresser pull up on her to give her that royal princess package as she gave birth.


Congratulations to Sexxy Red!


Now, if you don’t listen to Podcasts, I don’t know what you’ve been doing. But the one and only Uncle Shay Shay has done it again, producing another controversial and entertaining interview!

And, this time, it was with comedian Mo’nique! Whether you agree with what she said or not, the queen came with receipts to tell her side of the story. Captivating the ears of thousands of viewers, Club Shay Shay is topping the charts and keeping us all tuning in.


It even hit the airwaves of the Breakfast Club, as Charlamagne the god apologized for his past statements on Monique’s situation.


Offering an apology and giving himself Donkey of the Day, fans flooded the airwaves, applauding Charlamagne for making such a decision. And, with fellow Baltimore host Jess Hilarious and DJ Envy by his side, fans are hoping this apology will mend the damage done before.


What are your thoughts on Monique’s interview? Do you think she made some good points? Or do you think otherwise?


And, while the week has been hectic, we must give some shout-outs!

#1: Victoria Monet and Coco Jones! Congratulations on all of your awards at the Grammy’s!

#2: Killer Mike: Although the moment was overshadowed, we cannot take away from his three wins at the Grammy’s, including Rap Album of the Year! Congratulations, King!


#3: Usher: It is finally time for the Super Bowl, which means Usher will be hitting our screens soon. I hope y’all are as ready as I am! I know it’s about to be explosive.


Well, y’all, that ends my recap.


I thank y’all for riding with your girl!


Wishing y’all nothing but peace and prosperity,


Jadis “IHateAdulthood” DeShong-Venay



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