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For Your Immediate Attention: 2023 Holiday Activities in Boston, MA!

Welcome back, Ladies and Gentlemen, For Your Immediate Attention! 

As it gets colder outside, I have been thinking about activities we can do during the holiday season that bring us joy and happiness. 

Therefore, today’s post will be dedicated to creating experiences that get us into the Holiday spirit. 

Family Activities: 

#1: Urban Nutcracker: 

Held at the Boch Center, Boston, MA, the Urban Nutcracker is returning to the Shubert Theatre for the 2023 holiday season! 

Although it presents many elements of classical ballet, audience members are also introduced to hip-hop, tap, and jazz. 

I have been a few times, and it is one of the best performances I’ve seen.  

Tickets start at $29.00 and are suitable for all ages! 

Please don’t miss out on this great holiday tradition. It will be at the Boch Center until December 23, 2023

#2: Black Nativity: 

Held at the Paramount Center in Boston, MA, Black Nativity has been a seasonal tradition for the last 53 years. 

A retelling of the Nativity story through the backdrop of gospel music, dance, and Black storytelling, the Black Nativity is a treat you don’t want to miss! 

Presented by The National Center of Afro-American Artists at the Arts Emerson, Black Nativity will only be here until December 17, 2023!

Tickets start at $35.00 and are suitable for all ages! 

Adult Activities:

#1. Ice Skating 

Grab a group of your homegirls and homeboys and head down to Frog Pond to skate away on the Commonwealth. 

Afterward, grab yourself a nice drink and a good meal at one of the local restaurants Downtown or Backbay.

And don’t worry, if you can’t skate, there are people there to help. It can be a great activity and a way to bond with those you love this holiday. 

#2. Attend a Holiday Party at One of the Local Restaurants

With Darryl’s having its final bow on December 31, 2023, it is a perfect opportunity to eat from the restaurant one last time! 

Gather a group of your loved ones and enjoy yourself a warm meal and a good drink. 

Laugh, listen to some good music, and soak in the ambiance of good fun! 

I know other restaurants host holiday parties, so check out OpenTable for your holiday restaurant party needs. 

#3. Snowport in Seaport

If you have time, you can also head to Seaport to see the giant snow globe created into a Winter Wonderland oasis. 

Still, looking for last-minute Christmas gifts and surprises for those you care about? The Snowsport is the best place to stop by. 

You can grab something for yourself, a friend, a significant other, or your favorite DJ at SparkFM Online. 

#4. See The Color Purple

I had the privilege of seeing a preview screening, and if you have time on Christmas Day, I suggest you stop by!

Let me know in the comments how you’re spending your holiday season. 

Peace & Prosperity,

Jadis "IHateAdulthood DeShong-Venay

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