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For Your Immediate Attention: 5 Black-Owned Brands to Shop in 2023

It's a New Year, so you know that means you need a new wardrobe!

You can't go into 2023 with the same fashions as before. You've got to offer yourself a new fashion style in the coming months!

And I know it's hard to find good recommendations because you can't trust everyone!

But don't worry, ladies and gentlemen, I've got you covered! I am going to provide you with some of the most incredible fashion gems with 5 Black-Owned Brands to Shop in 2023!

Let me not delay further. Brandon Blackwood is where you need to shop if you're looking to purchase a new handbag!

Listen, honey; these handbags make a statement! From his purses that raise our consciousness with messages like "End Systematic Racism" to his use of acrylics with the "Duplex Purse," and don't get me started on the colorful "Kendrick Trunks."

From red, blue, green, topaz, purple, and yellow, Brandon Blackwood provides a bag for every type of black woman! If you're looking for something a little fancier, you should check out one of his "Valentina Shoulder Bags" or the consistently sold-out "Nia Bag."

Brandon Blackwood is giving the gworls life, and did I mention his bags scream "LUXURY."

His line ranges from $88 to $425.00, so the same money you would spend on other designer bags. Why not support a Jamaican & Chinese Brooklyn Native trying to create Black Luxury?

Don't worry. Blackwood gives more than bags. Coming soon, he will debut a new shoe and outerwear line!

So, if you're looking to purchase a handbag for yourself or someone else, take a few moments to check out the one and only Brandon Blackwood!

Moving right along, one of my favorite accessories of all time, besides shoes, is sunglasses!

Listen, don't let people tell you that you can't rock a pair of shades in the winter months because the streets are still shady, and you need to protect those beautiful eyes!

And don't worry. I got you a solution. My homegirl in my head De'arra Taylor released a sunglass line back in 2022, and it's popping!

You may know her from Youtube, but she has stepped into a new arena.

With the mission of "self-expression, individuality, and creativity," De'arra ensures that every sunglass you purchase gives you an extra boost of confidence and doesn't break the bank too badly (Lorvae, 2023)!

So, ladies, if you like to rock those colorful and classy glasses, please take a few moments to check out Lorvae!

The title of her glasses is what gives me life. Titles range from "Petty" to "What's Tea" to "Receipts."

De'arra is putting a spin on all your favorite types of glasses and is serving nothing but looks!

Don't be surprised at the number of compliments you will receive when you step outside with a pair of Lorvae!

And, if you're looking for male fashion this year, please look no other than Bricks & Wood.

Hailing from South Central, LA Bricks & Wood provides nothing but comfort and sleekness for the men in our lives!

From their wool knit sweaters to corduroy over shirts, and let me not forget the cargo vests, Bricks & Wood is giving male fashion precisely what it needs!

Staying true to their roots, they even came out with an LA Dodgers X Bricks & Wood hat collaboration that makes me want to buy every male in my life a new baseball hat to rock!

But, really, for me, their hoodies, sweatpants, and bucket hats excite me for their unreleased 2023 collection!

If you have time, check them out on Instagram or their website! I will include each designer's information below!

Next on my list is for those who like a nice shoe in their life.

If you're looking for a fire shoe, Kendall Miles this is the one shop you need to purchase from in 2023!

We all need an excellent boot or a pair of pumps to stunt on the folks when we walk outside! And Kendall Miles provides that for all of you who are divas at heart!

From her "Attitude Thigh High Boot" to her "CEO Pump" to her "Wrap Around Sandal," Kendall Miles is serving looks for the fashionista's this season!

And she is upholding her mission to provide "Black Girl Luxury by glorifying the importance of being the best, wanting the best, and doing the most" (Kendall Miles, 2023)

My final suggestion for 2023 is one of my favorite brands to window shop from online! But don't worry, in 2023; I will finally be purchasing from their brand!

If they ever invite me to a fashion week show, I probably will go crazy because HANIFA is killing the game!

The designs they are putting out give sultry sexiness and leave you wanting to buy everything off the rack even if you ain't got it in the bank!

From their "Zahra Faux Leather Coat" to their "Mali Sweat Pants" to their "Jax Knit Gown," Hanifa knows what they are doing, and they are one of the brands you want to look for in 2023!

And don't get me started on their "Zoe Boot." You probably have seen every black influencer wear them on Instagram!

If you have time to scroll, make sure you're scrolling on this season!

All the black-owned brands I have discussed today are ones to look out for in this New Year ranging from $45 to $1,500; these brands offer something for everyone's price range!

And let me not forget that some of them even take KLARNA, so split your payments evenly, baby!

I will see you in two weeks with another topic to address!

Don't worry. We will discuss fashion again!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Peace + Prosperity,

Jadis "IHateAdulthood" DeShong-Venay


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