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For Your Immediate Attention: A Review of the Ebony Fete Fashion Show!

Ladies & Gentlemen,

It has been a long two weeks with no communication between us, but I am back with another fashion show review and excited to share my experience.

Last Saturday, I had the privilege of attending the Ebony Fete Fashion Show with local Boston designers that brought their best to the fashion stage.

With a mission of "celebrating the diversity, beauty & creativity of the African diaspora to build a better community," Ebony Fete, presented by Willisky and Smith United, provided an Urban perspective of runway fashion.

Using music from all over the diaspora as their playground, the four designers included in this installation allowed the audience to see the beautiful genius included in their minds.

And let me let y'all know the fabric choices were on point. The fabrics flowed literally down the runway from leather to mesh to vinyl.

One of my favorite pieces was by designer Cassandre Tercina. And let me say, every piece she sent down the runway was well-tailored to the gods.

But she had one piece that replayed in my head throughout the night's festivities. This dress gave BODY.

Using a combination of leather and mesh, Cassandre gave us her perspective on an evening gown. And it was a success.

If you want to check out more of her pieces, please check her Instagram page @Ct_cassie

Another installation I enjoyed was by designer Amari Sharde. Each piece she sent down the runway told a story and allowed each model to express themselves as they showcased her work.

Using a concept of "lush pieces for women to express their true selves no matter who's watching," Sharde succeeded in her goal!

Using materials such as string, mesh, and leather Sharde's models took the runway by storm.

I hope she will continue to make pieces that help women feel comfortable showing up in the world as their authentic selves.

If you want to check out her pieces even more, please check her Instagram page @AmariSharde

In addition to the fashions, I also enjoyed the mission of each designer's work. One that stood out to me was designer Growth & Maintenance.

Their mission "providing clothing that depicts a made decision towards growth in every piece," was demonstrated as every model strutted down the runway.

Even further, I enjoyed the use of their earth tones and two head figures on their shirts/ sweatshirts as a told a story!

They are truly bringing Urban Fashion with a mission to the Worlds Stream, and I hope they continue to accomplish their goal.

I have included one of my favorite pieces below. And, if you have time, please check out their Instagram page to order some fashion @Growthandmaintenance

Last but definitely not least was the fashion of Willisky Streetwear.

Giving her spin on Urban Fashion, sky provided her audience with pieces that can be dressed up or down.

But more importantly, she gave us comfortable fashion, which is always needed. From the sweatshirts to the tees to the shorts, I will definitely need to pick up some pieces, and so should you!

If you want to see some of Willisky's pieces, please check out their Instagram page @Wilizkey

At the end of the night, I enjoyed the show, and they had some great entertainment, including local Boston performers Dawn, Nahli, Yougkingbd, and Mlzmvmnt.

I genuinely hope they will have another show again, so we can continue to see the elegance of Urban Fashion in Boston made by Black designers!

But, although the show was a success. Ladies and gentlemen, it is always your opinion that matters.

Please let me know in the comments if the fashion was fashioning on a scale of 1-5.

And, if you have time, let me know what pieces you would rock for yourself.

Until we speak again!

Peace + Prosperity,

Jadis “IHateAdulthood” DeShong-Venay

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