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For Your Immediate Attention: A Review of The Woman King!


Ladies and Gentleman, we have a new Superwoman to tell our sisters, daughters, nieces, and grandmothers about, The Woman King!

If you have not seen The Woman King, I suggest you buy a ticket.

And, maybe a ticket for your homegirl too as this movie is Inspirational, Beautiful, and a Piece of Art!

Gina Prince-ByTheWood has done it again, providing our culture with another phenomenal piece of Black History!

She started with the classic Love & Basketball and has transcended to the historical moment The Woman King provides!

From Viola Davis shutting down the screen with her strength, to Lashana Lynch training young women into victors, to Thuso Mbedu finding her own voice, and Sheila Atim being the warrior friend we all need, The Woman King provides black women with a euphoria-like sensation we haven’t experienced since The Black Panther.

After watching it twice, I am here to say that there is a message in the movie for everyone who watches the film.

From Nanisca, we learn never to let ourselves be silenced. But more importantly, we should never be afraid of ourselves because we are our worst enemies.

From Izogie, we learn that we should never give our power away. We may have scars, but we should use them as motivation to keep pushing toward our goals.

From King Ghezo, we learn that sometimes a “mouse can take down an elephant.” There is no obstacle too big for us to conquer.

From Amenza, we learn that supporting and correcting our friends is essential! But never in the presence of company!

Each character leaves you learning something and offers a glimpse into the world we may have lived in if we were not robbed and stolen from our homeland.

We learn things our schools didn’t want to teach us, like REVOLUTION!

Because if we knew where we came from, they could not hold us back!

The biggest lesson I learned from this movie is that before we were brought to this land, we were meant to be PHENOMENAL!

Although we were stripped of our native land, language, and customs, we are still MIGHTY people breaking barriers no one thought we would be able to before!

When they brought us to the United States, they never expected us to be more than enslaved people.

But, we have shown them we are not enslaved. We are leaders!

We are change makers!

We are resilient!

We are strong!

We are game changers!


W: Worthy

A: Amazing

R: Remarkable

R: Radiant

I: Intelligent

O: Original

R: Resilient

S: Supreme

Worthy Amazing Remarkable Radiant Intelligent Original Resilient Supreme Black People on a Mission to Light this World on Fire!

The Woman King gives a glimpse of what Unity, Consistency, and Love can get us if we stick together and keep pushing forward!

Therefore, don't leave your brother or sister behind!

Help them, gauge them, and give them support!

We cannot survive without each other!

We need one another to be the beautiful and unique Black people we are!

The Woman King tells us to return to the basics; unity, love, and consistency!



Peace + Prosperity as Always,

Jadis DeShong-Venay


Schulman, C., Davis. V., Tennon, J., Bello, M & Prince-Bythewood, G. (2022). The Woman King [Motion picture]. United States: Sony Pictures Releasing.

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