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For Your Immediate Attention: African Fashion Week Boston Review!

Ladies & Gentlemen, I am excited about today's post because it is all about FASHION!

As you all know, I could discuss this topic day in and day out, so let's jump into our conversation for today.

This past Saturday, I had the great opportunity to attend African Fashion Week at the Guild.

Opening with the smooth rhythms of the drums, African Fashion Week offered guests a glimpse of the African Diaspora for the evening.

Hosted by none other than fellow SparkFM host Pam and Mr. African Denzel himself, the show hosts reminded audience members that "The gift we have becomes the gifts you give your community" (African Denzel, 2023).

As a result, audience members were introduced to the gifts each designer had that told the stories of futuristic and ancient Africa, leaving the audience captivated by the movement of each garment that came down the runway.

The show featured local designers offering a glance at the new fashion lines of designers, "The House of Nadra, OhEmg Designs, JahZara fashion house, Vintence ni Vatu, New Urban Designs, and BORNATTY."

And one thing I loved about the show was how much it got the guests to talk. After each piece came down the runway, I could hear someone in the audience say, "Oooo, I could wear that out." Or "How much do you think they are selling that item for?"

But, even further, I could hear women and men planning outfits and giving their critiques of the fashions coming down the runway. And, y'all, that is what a fashion show is all about. It is a conversation starter.

And that is what African Fashion Week Boston did! It pulled everyone in and made them a part of the show. Whether you were an audience member, a model, or running the show, you felt the energy and wanted to join in on the festivities.

But they didn't only offer fabulous fashions! They also included vendors who sold beautiful jewelry and African garments. Even further, they had apparel that discussed social justice topics, such as; Vicky Breedy's Genetically Resilient Apparel, which honors those who have remained resilient amongst adversity.

But, what African Fashion Week really showed was that "When there is no enemy within, the enemy cannot cause damage. (African Denzel, 2023).

Seeing such unity amongst beautiful Black people, a part of the African Diaspora, showed me that no one can stop the light that shines within us if we come together and stand firm.

If you want to see some of the fashions included in the show, please check out some of the images below!

I will be back next year for African Fashion Week, and I can't wait to see what they produce!

Peace + Prosperity, as Always!

Jadis "IHateAdulthood" DeShong-Venay


African Denzel. (2023). Quotes from AFW Boston. African Denzel.

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