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For Your Immediate Attention: Recap of What Happened on Social Media This Past Week!

Ladies and Gentlemen, there has been a lot going on this past week, and I felt we needed to recap all that has occurred.

Every time I opened my Instagram App, there was a new celebrity story trending, and I must admit it kept me entertained throughout the week, but it was a lot.

So, without further ado, let's talk about a few things that have happened this past week in the media.

First, Let's Talk Politics:

On Wednesday, The New York Times released an interview sharing that former NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio and his wife, Chirlane McCray, announced that after 30 years of marriage, they would be separating but not divorcing (Flegenheimer, 2023).

Even further, they reported that they would begin to date other people while continuing to share their house, where they raise their children.

With this news being released, Instagram and Twitter had many responses about how the concept of marriage is changing in this modern age.

For example, some individuals thought they were not divorcing because it was too expensive to separate, and others wondered why this news was shared for public consumption.

But, it did prompt a good conversation on should the public have an opinion on how one handles their relationship.

And, in my opinion, if I am not in it, it's not my business.

But what about you all? Would you try a similar situation to the Former Mayor and his wife if things weren't working in your relationship?

If so, how would it go? If not, what issues do you think would arise?

Secondly, Let's Talk Love:

My homegirl in my head, KEKE Palmer, has been trending for the last 48 hours. And it all comes down to attending an Usher concert.

What seemed to start as a night out with her friends to see the Let It Burn singer became an Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook battle over whether her boyfriend correctly handled how he felt about her dress to the Usher concert.

For those who missed the story, here is a quick recap. Keke attended Usher's residency in Las Vegas this past weekend wearing a sheer Givenchy Long Tulle Dress with long sleeves that showed off her body.

But unfortunately, after seeing the pictures online, her partner Darius Jackson responded on Twitter, stating that he didn't like the outfit because she is a mom and was showing too much skin.

He further explained that as the head of their household, he was not hating but instead did not want the mother of his child exposing herself like that for likes.

And as a result, Keke's fans and social media went up in an uproar to defend her.

Some reminded Darius that Keke is postpartum and trying to enjoy her post-baby body. Others thought that although he has the right to feel the way he does, he could have sent a text message to her personally, and even further, some thought Darius was a hater.

But, the main question for Darius everyone was asking was, "Why would you publicly shame the mother of your child?"

But, y'all, I am not here to debate whether Keke should have worn the dress.

I will say we are being exposed to things that could have been handled behind closed doors.

I have never heard anything about Keke's personal life unless she shared it with us, and although she seems unbothered, this should have stayed between them.

Remember, back in May, we discussed if social media is the right platform to handle your relationship issues, and I thought we collectively agreed it was not.

But Darius had a human moment and responded publicly instead of privately. And moving forward, I ask that we get left out of the group chat.

What about you all? Was this handled correctly? Did Darius have a point? Or was the situation blown out of proportion?

Lastly, Let's Talk Music:

If you missed it, this past weekend was the Annual Essence Fest, where tons of stars performed on the main stage, including; Lauryn Hill, Jill Scott, Big Daddy Kane, TEMS, Lil Wayne, and other phenomenal individuals.

But, one of the performances that has caused social media to rumble this past week was the collaboration between Janelle Monae and Megan Thee Stallion.

After inviting individuals on the stage to twerk during their set, the very talented India. Arie responded on her Instagram page with a message that explained that not everything is for mainstream consumption.

Even further, she explained that she did not like seeing women on stage twerking, as it wasn't a good representation of our culture in the larger space without context.

Although India. Arie shared that her sentiments were not to bash the performers in any way but to call out the practices of Essence Fest; social media saw it another way.

Some thought, if not at Essence Fest, where is it okay to twerk amongst our community? Others thought Meg Thee Stallion was known for twerking in her videos; she is performing as usual.

But, it left for a great conversation on whether there is a time and place for some things and not others. And, if there is, what is that time and place?

So, I pose the question to you all.

Do you think Essence Fest is an acceptable place to twerk, knowing that our culture is being broadcasted in an international format?

If so, why? If not, where is it okay to twerk?

Well, that has been my recap of this past week. Let me know your thoughts below, I will come back later to respond to any comments, and we can have some more open dialogue.

Until next time!

Peace & Prosperity,

Jadis “IHateAdulthood” DeShong-Venay


Flegenheimer, M. (2023). Bill De Blasio and Chirlane McCray are Separating.

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