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For Your Immediate Attention: Don't Give Up Just Yet!

Ladies and Gentlemen, as we enter the end of summer, my mind automatically is drawn to the goals I still have left on my vision board to get through.

I don’t know about you all, but once summer gets closer to ending, all of the goals I haven’t accomplished yet come rushing to the front of my brain.

And it is like a sensory overload. I became nervous that I won’t accomplish everything I wanted to take care of in the current year and became fearful that it will affect my next year.

I feel panicky and start to operate life in a fight, flight, or freeze mode in response to any situation that comes my way.

But even further, although I don’t like to admit this sentiment, I compare myself to others’ accomplishments wondering why the same can’t happen to me.

So, I buckle down between August and December. Therefore, I can finish as many goals as I possibly can.

But, you know what that does to me? It leaves me feeling tired, stressed, irritable, overwhelmed, and rushed to get everything I want to accomplish in a short period.

It leaves me to follow a pattern of structure that doesn’t work for my lifestyle.

And, in the end, I feel burnt out and tired. But more importantly, I want to give up!

Ladies and Gentlemen, it is hard to stop doing something when you have programmed your mind to believe that this is the only way to get somewhere.

But more importantly, it’s hard to stop doing something you have become set in your ways about over time.

It becomes your routine, habits, and how you live life. And, sometimes, it causes you not to see things you once would have been able to because your eyes become blinded by the goals you have yet to accomplish.

Therefore, you begin isolating yourself, believing it’s the only way to accomplish your grinding season.

But what if there was another way?

What if we could grind with the support of others?

What if we could grind with our needs still being met?

I know you probably think that is easier said than done.

But, I am here to tell you that anything is possible with the right tools, techniques, and skills.

You just have to try!

You just have to stop comparing yourself to others and not letting rumors of what he says, or she says stop you from conquering what you have set out for your life.

You have to stay woke!



And optimistic about what your future will look like because blessings are on the way!

Let’s look at some examples, shall we?

Let’s use Ms. HotSauce as an example, owner and founder of SPARKFM online.

I bet you there were times when Ms. HotSauce thought SPARKFM would never be a reality. She probably wrote the plan down over a hundred times, ripped it up, and wrote a new plan until she finally got it to the place it is currently.

She probably had to grind and push herself beyond her needs to make her dreams a reality. There were perhaps hours of no sleep, moments of wondering how it would work, and moments of questioning, “Can I do this?”

But, now we have the privilege and honor of listening to the # 1 radio for Urban & Caribbean Music owned by the first Black woman in Boston to have her own radio station.

Or, let’s look at a recent hot topic in radio history, The Breakfast Club.

Angela Yee, a fellow black woman who, like Ms. HotSauce, had to grind to get where she currently is because she had dreams she wanted to make a reality, had to do the same thing.

And, now she will be her own host of her own show on Power 105.1!

These two women took their lives into their own hands, asked for help when needed, met their needs, and paved the way for other African American women and men to have positions in rooms we once may not have been allowed into before.

But more importantly, they never gave up!

The never-ending pursuit of their goals has given us some of the most exciting and iconic topics to address, made us laugh, think, do something we never thought we would, and step out on faith.

Therefore, I hope you will do the same as we move into the last couple of months of the year. I hope you will step out on faith!

I hope you will create a new path for all of your dreams! I hope you won’t give up on that dream you have wanted because blessings are coming your way.

I am not trying to preach or give you a sermon! But instead, I am just trying to encourage you to get back up and never give up on yourself or your future plans!