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For Your Immediate Attention: Fresh Off The Press: A Review of Boston Caribbean Fashion Week!

Y'all, it's finally time to speak about our last show!

The One and Only Boston Caribbean Fashion Week!

Nine years in the game, Althea Blackford, the founder of the Boston Caribbean Fashion Week, did not come to play!

The show was phenomenal, from each designer to the models, and even the intermission with prizes left me wanting to model in the show myself!

One of my favorite parts of any fashion show is the atmosphere created when designs come down the runway.

I love seeing the smiles on individuals' faces, the cameras flashing, and the models interacting with the audience!

And, ladies and gentlemen, let me let you know that the models at Boston Caribbean Fashion Week showed up and showed out.

They did not let a camera miss an angle, a pose, or even the creativity of their outfits! They had a mission and executed it beautifully.

From start to finish, each model kept the audience captivated and wanting more.

I don't think I put my phone down for more than 10 seconds before recording the following piece for my visual review, so I applaud each model for helping the designers bring their fashion to life.

Presented by VStyle Productions in partnership with Spark FM, ICA, Topo Chico, Boston Beauty Coalition, KKP, Bogosplit, and Destination Let's Go, Boston Caribbean Fashion Week did what needed to be done!

And, just like my last show, there were so many pieces that I wanted to purchase immediately after seeing them walk down the runway.

While I can't comment on the whole show, I will provide some highlights that shocked and amazed my mind!

But let me stop rambling and get to the reviews of each designer!

To give you a visual of the night!

Check out our Instagram Page for More!

Starting with, but in no particular order, we must discuss 1991, presented by Khari Linton, who represented Barbados! Gentlemen, this one is for you! 1991 a Men's Ready-to-wear clothing brand embraces the edgy and sleekness of the 80s and 90s.

Each male model who graced the runway demonstrated the skilled talent of Linton and provided a glimpse into the designer's creative mind.

From the leather pieces, men's jumpsuits, vests, and ruffled yellow shorts, Linton captivated the audience with her techniques and spin on male fashion!

But it was the white and yellow bubble coats she made that left me wanting to buy a piece for my male loved ones! Ladies, check out her line if you're looking to buy a family member, significant other, or friend a gift this Christmas!

Secondly, let us talk about the beautiful designs of Tahanee presented by none other than Tahanee Shabazz, who represented the United States.

If you are looking for a statement piece, Tahanee is the place to be! And one of my favorite pieces was a two-piece leather outfit that had everyone's mouth dropping throughout the entire building! I must say Tahanee took her time with this one!

Every time a model came down the runway, everyone's head kept turning to see the following individual come down and to know the story the designer was telling through her work.

A trendsetter in her own right, I am excited to see what Tahanee will offer next! But more importantly, if she sells her two-piece jumpsuit, I will be the first one in line to buy it!

Thirdly, if you're looking for high-end and streetwear garments, Urban Pigeons by Yaz B the Great representing Haiti, is the place to shop!

From the bright colors and the use of patterns, fur, and feathers, Yaz B put on a show! One of my favorite pieces was a bright yellow jacket with colorful feathers on the top! He did that!

And let me tell y'all, Yaz B accomplished his goal of "bringing new flavor to the fashion industry by being comfortable in what you wear" (Urban Pigeons, 2022).

Major applause to him, and I hope he continues to do his thing!

Fourthly, we saw the beautiful fashions of the emerging designer India Anderson who showcased her line Level Up, representing the United States!

If you're looking for special event wear from elegant to urban, she is the place to shop! And she offers a range of sizes that fit every figure out there.

I have to give an honorable mention to her first model who started the show, because Ladies and Gentlemen, she shut it down!

From the gowns, use of denim, and even sheer pieces, I know anyone would stop by her showroom to purchase a few of her items! My favorite item was a blue and black dress made of tulle and mesh modeled by an elegant model who captivated the audience.

Although India is emerging, I am here to say she is in the right field, and I can't wait to see what this new designer has for the fashion world!

Last but definitely not least was presented by Fashion Trend Class, a styling company founded by Cheryl Jean!

Using the clothing of Eden Natural, Jean provided a spin on the typical pieces demonstrated during a fashion show. When we go to shows, we often see pieces that we have to go home and figure out how to style!

But Jean said let me be your stylist and show you how you can wear what you see during the many fashion weeks we attend yearly!

I hope more shows will demonstrate stylists' beauty and creative sides because, without their influence, we would not know how to put pieces together in our closets!

Because each designed piece she sent down the runway was Fabulous! And made me want to go home and use some of her techniques to put outfits together!

Now, I would be remiss if I didn't highlight one of my favorite parts of the show: seeing the carnival fashions!

One of my favorite times of the year is attending Carnival with my family members and seeing the creativity designers put into their work so that we can represent our culture!

Attending Boston Caribbean Fashion Week felt like being amongst family, and I can't wait until the 10th anniversary because I will be in attendance!

Thank you so much, Ladies & Gentlemen, for riding out this journey with me of attending Boston Fashion Week!

If you attended any shows, please tag me in your photos, and leave your own personal reviews in the comments below!

Until Next Time!

Peace & Prosperity,

Jadis DeShong-Venay


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