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For Your Immediate Attention: Fresh Off The Press: The Review of The House Fashion Show!

House Fashion Week x BostonMan Magazine set out to place Boston Fashion on the map and to create Boston as a fashion city amongst the greats of New York, Milan, London, and Paris!

Produced by David Jean, designers Marina Varano, Zonya Campbell, Rakel Tanibajeva, and Malva provided the audience with a glimpse into their creative minds of developing designs that were once on paper and giving them life on the runway.

Each piece that walked down the runway by the beautiful models flowed from a concept curated by each designer, leaving the audience captivated and wanting more.

And, by the end of the show, each invitee wondered what would be provided in House Fashion Week's next show.

Sponsored by SPARKFM, House Fashion Week sought to "raise the fashion profile in Boston" (House Fashion Week, 2022).

And I will say after sitting through the two-hour show, my mind was definitely transformed.

I always find it so amazing the number of days, hours, and weeks designers spend putting together 5-12 designed pieces for a preview of their newest line.

All their hard work, blood, sweat, and tears walking in the human form down a runway so that we can see what will be hot in the streets come spring/summer of 23'!

And, I must say I found some ideas for my fashion wardrobe in 23'. Specifically, there were some athleisure, African-inspired fashion, and gowns that I wanted to buy from the designers on the day of the show.

While I can't comment on every moment of the show, I will highlight a few moments that left me excited and wanting more!

Firstly, the beautiful Zonya Campbell, who ended the show, captivated the audience with her gorgeous designs worn by beautiful models slowly and gracefully walking down the runway so each audience member could see all sides of her impeccable work.

And, let me let you know she is a skilled woman! Her craftsmanship and execution flowed from start to end, leaving me wanting to purchase the whole line on the day of the show.

My favorite piece from her was an African Inspired Print Dress modeled by a gorgeous Black model. Although there was music in the background playing, the only song I could hear after seeing the intricate gown was "African Queen" by 2Baba!

For five minutes, she left everything she had on the stage giving life from the movement of her dresses that included sequins, tulle, and appliqué.

Zonya Campbell is a trendsetter, and I can't wait to see her following collection. But more importantly, I can't wait to buy a piece!

Secondly, if you're looking for some excellent athleisure wear, please check out Always Be Grateful, created by the talented Marina Varano.

Before seeing her beautiful fashions, I saw her brand's mission and was captivated. And, to be respectful to her statement on her website, Varano's clothing is more than a clothing line. It is a brand rooted in the concept that "there is only one you, be the best version of yourself and always be grateful" (ABG THE BRAND, 2022).

From her Always Enough, Always Worthy, Always Grateful sweatshirts to her Tied Up Crop Hoodies, Varano provided a different look to the clothing we can wear daily! And I don't know about y'all, but I love wearing a piece that has meaning! But more importantly, a mission statement rooted in being authentic!

Bravo to Varano! I can't wait to see the next drop!

While Malvas's pieces were quite gorgeous, the ending of his show tied his entire line together for me and the audience!

For example, as Malva ended hisscene, he stood in front of all of the press members and put up his Black Power Fist! The entire room beamed with light for the designer's stance on unity through his Janaby clothing.

Each piece he presented demonstrated his resiliency and confidence to bring cutting-edge items to life.

Although designers only have a few minutes to showcase their months and sometimes years of hard work, Malva left all that he had on the runway!

Last but definitely not least, Rakel Tanibajeva provided the audience with a glimpse into her environmental design company, "Lots of Berries!"

And I will say she provided the runway with quite some beautiful and intricate pieces! Her edgy spin on up-cycled pieces made me want to find ways to repurpose things in my own closet.

Although I will not be as detailed and execute as meticulously as this designer did, it inspired me to think about fashion in a new and inventive way!

My favorite piece of hers was this gorgeous long and flowy dress with an extended collar that accentuated the models height and left the audience shocked that it was made by up-cycled fashion!

So, for those who think fashion can't be made using a sustainable method, I suggest you look at Rakel's Instagram and business website because she is doing the damn thang! And she is doing it quite eloquently!

To David Jean and the Boston Magazine, you all choose some beautiful designers with intricate designs!

Shout out to all of those who were working backstage to help make the show happen, including the seamstresses who made last-minute changes, the makeup artists who brought the designers vision to life, and even the security guards who stood at the doors of the show keeping us anticipated for what was to come!

I hope House Fashion Week will only improve and grow as the years go on! And I hope they will continue to provide glimpses of designers' visions!

I will always say that although shows may not always go according to the plan we set out for, it is not an easy task to put one on! So major kudos to the team at House Fashion Week, and I hope they will continue their mission to make Boston a capital of fashion!

If you want to see some images from the show, please check out my Instagram a Reel is up, providing an at-home glimpse of the gorgeous designs!

See you all in two weeks for our next show!

If you haven't purchased your ticket, Boston Caribbean Fashion Week is occurring Saturday, October 22, 2022!

Stop by and Say Hi because our Fashion Journey hasn't come to an end as of yet!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Peace and Prosperity, as always

Jadis DeShong-Venay


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