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For Your Immediate Attention: Hottest New Releases in Music This Week!

Hey Ladies & Gentlemen. I hope you all have been enjoying the beautiful weather as much as I have.

Boston has been gorgeous!

These sunny days have me ready for pool parties, the beach, and good summer jams.

So, I thought it would be essential to talk about some of the newest releases in music this past week to help you start planning your summertime playlist.

Before I hop into some song recommendations to listen to, I wanted to remind you that taxes are due April 18. So, before you listen to Vybz Kartel's "Summertime" and start planning your vacations, handle your business with the government.

There are a lot of excellent online services that will help you get your taxes done in less than a day.

But now that I have given my suggestion for the week, let's hop into the lecture at hand.

In the genre of R&B, S.Z.A. has released a remix to her famous song on her sophomore album entitled "Kill Bill" ft. Doja Cat.

For those of you who love S.Z.A., she is giving nothing but her usual talent and allowing our ears to be graced with the equally impressive Doja Cat to back her.

Please check it out and let us know your thoughts in the comments below if you have time.

In the genre of Hip Hop, Ice Spice has released a remix to her song "Princess Diana," featuring one of my favorite rappers ever to do it, Nicki Minaj!

Dubbing her the People's Princess, Nicki Minaj has hopped on another remix doing what she does best, dropping bars and supporting the younger women in the Hip Hop game.

Salute to Ice Spice and Nicki Minaj. They may have another hit on their hands. I look forward to seeing the Tik Tok dances connected to it.

Now, we can't talk about music here at SparkFM if we are not talking dancehall, so of course, I had to add at least one record released this past week.

I would not be a real Caribbean if I did not shout out the Queen of Dancehall herself, Ms. Spice!

She released her newest record this past week, "Queen of the Dancehall," and people are already buzzing about it on Twitter.

And, if you have been keeping up with her, you know she is recovering from a life-threatening situation, so I hope you will continue to support the Queen as she bounces back.

Last, I must give a major shoutout to Afrobeat artist, Davido!

He dropped his latest record last week, entitled "Timeless." And he has presented our world with another great body of work.

He has some great features, including Dexta Daps, Asake, and Skepta, to include a few.

So, if you have time, please support the album, and leave us your thoughts below!

I will be back in two weeks to discuss more!

I hope you all have a beautiful weekend!

Peace + Prosperity, as always,

Jadis "IHateAdulthood" DeShong-Venay

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Soulfood Shonali
Soulfood Shonali
May 17, 2023


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