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For Your Immediate Attention: Let's Discuss Boston Caribbean Fashion Week!

Ladies and Gentlemen, I have returned for another conversation, which is dedicated to FASHION.

You all know this is one of my favorite topics, and two weeks ago, I had the privilege of attending Boston Caribbean Fashion Week’s 10th anniversary, and it was nothing short of impressive.

Indeed, the vibrancy, the crowd’s enthusiasm, and our very own SparkFM DJ’s music allowed for an intoxicating environment and a fresh point of view on Caribbean fashion.

Designers such as D'Horizon, Vililulu, Sarah’s Crochet from Nigeria, Girl’s Chronically Rock from Barbados, Dress With Confidence from Barbados, and Lleya P from Cape Verde provided nothing but fashionable and wearable pieces down the runway.

Opening with a carnival scene done by none other than D'Horizon, the audience was captivated by the beautiful feathers, colors, and fabric used to make carnival outfits.

Dancing down the aisle and on the stage were beautiful models from all walks of life enjoying themselves and basking in the Caribbean culture.

A wave of happiness and joy spread throughout the audience as smiles graced every viewer.

Gifts from the different Caribbean islands, including a trip to St. Kitts, were provided to audience members in a raffle. Their founder shared the exciting news that Boston Caribbean Fashion Week is expanding to retreats.

But, even further, there was a beautiful dedication of awards to individuals who have helped over the years make Boston Caribbean Fashion Week a success.

Major shout out to the founder of Boston Caribbean Fashion Week, Althea Blackford, and her entire team for putting on another incredible show!

Of course, a fashion show review discusses the fashions that came down the runway by some exceptionally excellent models.

One of my favorite pieces was a Gold dress created by Lleya P. from Cape Verde. Adorned with beautiful embroidery and jewels, the model who rocked this dress gave the audience nothing but Black girl magic.

Not only was the piece made well, but it also fits the model to a T.

Sarah’s Crochet from Nigeria created another piece that I thoroughly enjoyed. This orange dress with embossed crochet pieces at the bottom turned heads in the building. The model, graced with gold accessories, moved along the runway with grace, elegance, and poise.

I also have to give an honorable mention to the fantastic male pieces that came down the runway. They were all tailored well and gave a spin on a typical male suit worn daily to work or a fun night on the town.

What was even better about the male pieces was the accessories that came along with them, for instance, the beautiful hats and swimwear.

But, even further, you could see other men enjoying the pieces and thinking about how they could style them for themselves.

One final piece I enjoyed was from Dress With Confidence, representing Barbados. Her use of tulle and embroidered work showcased beautifully coming down the runway.

The models in her fashion line walked gracefully and confidently in their pieces and exuded the concept that "Pretty was a Person."

Overall, the show was fantastic yet again. I cannot wait to return for next year and to hear what Boston Caribbean Fashion Week has in store.

I have included a few more pieces from some designers below, but please check them out, support their businesses, and tell a friend.

I will see you all in two weeks for another discussion.

Peace and prosperity, as always!

Jadis “IHateAdulthood DeShong-Venay

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