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For Your Immediate Attention: Recap of the 2023 Awards and Fashion Show Season!

Hey Ladies & Gentleman,

First, I apologize for being MIA last week. Your girl is back, and we have a lot to discuss!

A lot has been happening in the world over the past few weeks!

But, one thing that has been consistently going down my Instagram timeline is the Fashions from the recent award and multiple fashion week shows!

As you all may know, Fashion Month has just concluded, and award season is getting started.

From New York Fashion Week to Milan to London to Paris, designers have been giving the runway the best they've got!

But even more than the designers, celebrities have been gracing catwalks, red carpets, and audiences with the latest things fashion offers.

Therefore, I wanted to recap some of my favorite fashions gracing the runways and red carpets this past week because these designers & celebrities deserve their credit!

Starting with the amazingly talented Zendaya at Paris Fashion Week, my sister in my head graced the streets of Paris for the Louis Vuitton fashion show in an animal-print short-shorts set that was to die for.

But she didn't just stop there. She gave us another fabulous look at the NAACP awards as she wore a jaw-dropping Atelier Versace spring/summer 2002 collection that left me speechless.

And, while Zendaya worked it on the runway, stylist extraordinaire Luxury Law gave us glimpses of his incredible talent! Serving us with looks that embodied sexiness and glamour all in one.

Although Luxury Law reported on his Instagram this past week that he is retiring from the stylist world because of its politics, he promised never to stop helping Zendaya slay the runway! Therefore, I can't wait to see what he pulls out of his bag next for Zendaya to rock!

Secondly, on my best-dressed list is the beautifully gracious Savannah James!

Coined Sergio Hudson's muse, Mrs. James did not come to play this fashion or Oscar season!

Affectionately known as Icon Billingsley, Savannah James' stylist gave his client nothing but regalness.

From Milan Fashion Week, in that great season 23 Dolce & Gabbana black dress with the lace body suit and combat boots to the Oscars 23' After Party custom Sergio Hudson white dress with the pleats at the end, man oh man, Savannah was serving something serious!

If you have not had a chance to check her out, please go to her Instagram page because I can't wait to see what she shows next!

Now, I also have to call out my girl TEMS and her stylist Dunsin Wright because your girl took the Oscars to a new level this past week.

While I don't watch for the awards but more to see individuals' fashions, I immediately was drawn to TEMS' dress from the Lever Couture's AW22 Leleka Collection.

Her beautiful skin color popped in this fairytale-like white gown that showed her features elegantly!

If this is what Wright is serving for the Oscars, I can't wait to see what else TEMS will be rocking because I am intrigued.

Although, word on the street was that people had an attitude because the dress blocked their view! I have only had one saying in response to this, and it is the words of one of the most iconic RHOA castmates, Ms. Phaedra Parks, "Go away from me with this" because this was TEMS' moment!

Now, although there were many individuals whose outfits were loved by others, some came with many opinions.

One of the most extensive discussions on Instagram this past week was about Ciara's Oscar 23' After Party Dress.

Between Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, I have read many opinions on her dress and wondered, "Does Ciara care?"

While the rage this past week has included opinions on whether her husband was okay with it or appropriate, I have concluded she's a grown woman who wore it because she wanted to.

Now, please don't come for me in the comments. I am just saying that we should be able to wear what we want. Of course, there is always a time and place for particular looks.

But, Mrs. Wilson deemed this outfit suitable for that hour. Therefore this case is closed!

If you have different opinions than me, don't hesitate to leave me a comment below! I would love to hear your thoughts, which are as valid as mine.

The multiple fashion weeks and award shows have left me excited for what will be in our stores very soon, and after watching Black influencers online like HighLowLuxe, The Yusufs, Aaliyah Jay, and Jalisa E. Vaughn tell me how to style them, I think I am ready to refresh my wardrobe for the new season.

Don't be surprised if you see me walking the Boston Streets in my hottest dupes and designer swag!

Make sure you say hi!

But more importantly, don't be shy. Let me know in the comments whose fashion game had you ready to step your wardrobe up in this 2023 season!

See you in two weeks for a new discussion.

Peace and Prosperity, as always!

Jadis DeShong-Venay

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