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Public Service Announcement

Ladies and Gentleman, this is a Public Service Announcement. I repeat, "this is a public service announcement sponsored" by SPARKFM and the "good folks over at" IHATEADULTHOOD (Carter, 2003).

"Fellow Americans, it is with the utmost" joy and pleasure that I present to you this announcement as a "living testament and recollection of history in the making during our generation" (Carter, 2003)!

Every two weeks, Public Service Announcement will be providing you with the latest and most prominent hot takes about all things black culture and conquering the absurdities of adulthood!

Giving you the inside scoop on all things Black, Black, and did I mention Black!

I will be your blogger and storyteller for as long as you will have me giving you as much knowledge as I can!

Therefore, let me introduce myself, so I can authentically share who I am!

My name is Jadis DeShong-Venay, and I am a self-proclaimed writer and hater of all things adulthood! When I am not writing Public Service Announcement, I am illustrating my own blog entitled, IHateAdulthood: A Young Black Woman's Kick-Ass Guide to being an Independent Grown Woman!

Over there on my website, we discuss all things related to conquering adulthood and becoming the best versions of ourselves; therefore, if you miss hearing from me during the week and can't wait for the next PSA, head over to to hear more from your girl!

Or catch me on my socials @IHateAdulthood!

But, of course, now that you know who I am, we can get back to the lecture at hand, which is the first PSA for the month of July!

This announcement is for those genuinely seeking to demonstrate Black excellence, elevate their lives, and become the best versions of themselves!

After watching the biggest night in Black Culture on Sunday at the BET Awards, Diddy presented the world with the vision he received from the "most high."

It offered a vision of what I hope our culture will embrace and work together in unity to create!

Black excellence!

Black Generational Wealth!

Black Prosperity!

Black Opportunities!

More importantly, he explained that the TIME IS NOW to act on the things we wish to become and show the world the magic we already know we have!

Without Black Culture, there would not be much to converse about because Black People is where it is at!

From our fashion, Iconic hairstyles, award-winning music, and necessary inventions, Black people have paved the way for generations!

And, because of Black people's contributions, our ancestors' contributions, we are still standing today!

Ladies and Gentlemen, the Revolution will NOT be televised" (Scott-Heron, 1971)!

I repeat, "the Revolution will NOT be televised" (Scott-Heron, 1971)!

Therefore, it is our time! It is our time to ACTIVATE yet again!

To continue to create our own paths and set the world on FIRE!

Black Women, it is time to set the world on fire again!

To take heed to what our homegirl Alicia Keys said back in 2012

"We are black women living in a world and it's on fire.

Filled with catastrophe, but we will always rise and fly again" (Keys, 2012)!

Sister, pick back up your wings and fly. We are ready to see you soar!

And, Black Men, the world is your oyster, so explore it!

We hear your cries and your pain!

And, black man, if no one has told you today, "We love you!"

Therefore, it is necessary for you, Black King, to do your job, to get back to your craft, and show the world the men we already know you are and can be!

Black men and women, we will no longer sit behind the shadows, as it is time for us to rise!

It is time for us to be what we see in the mirror every day!

To show up in the boardrooms, courtrooms, churches, and even recording studios and let our voices be heard!

The Time is Now!

That dream you have been sitting on, Diddy has told you to keep going and make it happen!

To the vision, we have given up on its time to keep pushing no matter what others say because BIG Latto said, "We should never let them play us like we average" (Stephens, 2022)!

To the ideas brewing and in the planning stages, Beyoncé told us to "quit our jobs," get back to working on our dreams, and never let them "Break our Souls" (Knowles-Carter, 2022)!

Because your children, friends, family, community, and culture count on you!

So, if there is nothing else you do this week, I ask that you rise, Queens and Kings, to live out your destinies!

Mama and aunty haven't been praying all these years for you to not; they've been telling you to act!

And, I am letting you know if you were looking for a sign, this is it!

The time is now!

Not tomorrow or next year; it's now!

The Time to Act is Now!

See you all In Two Weeks for the Next PSA!

Peace and Prosperity as Always,

Jadis DeShong-Venay


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