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Trending News Recap: News Recap (4/5)

Updated: Apr 20, 2022

Round the Way News-

Stoughton Officer resigns amid probe sparked by woman’s suicide

A Stoughton Police Officer resigned on Friday amid a year-long probe sparked by 23-year-old Sandra Birchmore’s suicide. Her friends claim that she was pregnant with the police officer's baby after beginning a sexual relationship with him when she was 15. They met through the police explorer’s program and their relationship continued from then on. Officer Matthew G. Farwell denies all allegations.

Link to article-

Dorchester Fire- Local hero

Tyleek Soloman became a hero on Monday morning when he saw smoking coming from a building in Dorchester. He ran into the building and began rescuing tenants before 911 was even called. The fire grew quickly and displaced 17 individuals, including three children, who are now being assisted by the American Red Cross.

National News-

Stomach Flu cases on the rise

Covid cases may be declining but stomach flu cases are on the rise and returning to their pre-pandemic levels. The CDC reports that the norovirus responsible for the stomach flu has been active since January as numbers continue to grow. This virus is passed from person to person through contaminated food, water, or touching contaminated surfaces so we all must continue to wash our hands and disinfect surfaces.

Drag-tastic week-long camp being held at MoPOP

MoPOP- The Museum of Pop Culture in Seattle is hosting a week-long summer camp for individuals aged 12 and up to learn the art of drag. Joshua Hancock, a local performer, will teach 12-18-year-olds about drag history and how they can develop their own drag personas. At the end of the week, all campers will be able to perform what they learned in a showcase.

Entertainment News-

Ye drops out of Coachella

Ye has reportedly dropped out of Coachella two weeks before the first weekend is set to start. This report comes after major controversy over how Ye has handled himself online in the aftermath of his divorce from Kim Kardashian, causing the Grammys to ban him from attending. It is unclear why he dropped out so soon to the event but hopefully, they are able to find a new headliner quickly.

Netflix launches short-ass movies category

Following an SNL skit featuring Pete Davidson complaining about the lack of movies on Netflix in under an hour and 40 minutes, Netflix listened. They added a ‘short-ass movies’ section after the positive response to the skit and realized this is something their users are looking for. This is a great move for Netflix and reestablishes that they are trying to accommodate what the people want to see.

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