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Trending News Recap: News Recap (11/8)

Round the Way News:

Arrest made in one of 3 shootings that left man dead, 5 injured in Boston

Three separate shootings occurred within an hour of each other this past Sunday night. Five were injured and 48-year-old Edwin Pizarro was killed. Boston police have made an arrest in connection with one of the shootings.

2 Adults, 1 Kid Without a Home After Fire Rips Through Dorchester Home

A fire destroyed a Dorchester home Monday night, leaving two adults and one child displaced by the blaze. Damages are estimated to be at $300,000, and the fire also caused minor damage to neighboring homes.

Driver fleeing police facing manslaughter charge after deadly crash in Taunton

A driver fleeing a police pursuit caused a crash in Taunton that left a woman dead. The driver fled on foot before being found by bystanders and police, and has been charged with manslaughter.

Read more about the crash here:

National News:

Powerball ticket sold in California snags record $2.04B win

Someone who purchased a Powerball ticket in Altadena, California, has won the record-breaking $2.04 billion Powerball jackpot. The winning numbers were selected Tuesday morning, after an unprecedented delay due to problems processing sales data and security protocols.

Pelosi says attack on husband weighs on her future plans

After the brutal attack on her husband, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said her decision on whether to remain in Congress after the midterm election has been impacted by the gravity of the assault. Paul Pelosi was attacked 11 days before the election and suffered a fractured skull, among other injuries.

Oculus Founder Builds VR Headset That Kills User If They Die in Game

Oculus founder and defense contractor Palmer Luckey claims to have built a VR headset that would kill the user should their avatar die in a game. Luckey has been vocal about this idea in the past, yet says he still has not worked out all the details of the headset.

Entertainment News:


Law enforcement sources told TMZ that multiple cans of compressed air were discovered at Aaron Carter’s house, along with prescription pills. Carter’s body was found in his bathtub by his housekeeper on Saturday morning.

Rihanna explains why she and A$AP Rocky have yet to share baby boy’s name, photo

Rihanna and A$AP Rocky have decided to keep their baby boy’s name and photos private for the time being, five months after his arrival. “We just didn’t get around to it yet really,” the singer said in a Washington Post interview published Monday.

Read more about the new addition to Rihanna and A$AP Rocky’s family here:

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